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What is a Sober Living Home and How Can it Help You Thrive?

Addiction recovery doesn’t end after rehab.

Individuals recovering from substance abuse need positive, supportive, and affordable living environments even after completing in-patient rehabilitation programs. Recovering from a substance abuse addiction requires continual care and strong support systems. These individuals especially need the time and space to heal and slowly re-adjust to everyday life.

What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober living housing offers those battling and recovering from addiction a safe, drug-free space to heal and grow. The stable, affordable living environment gives individuals the time and space they need to focus on physical, mental, and emotional healing. They are able to re-establish themselves at a comfortable pace while they develop independence and personal responsibility.

The substance-free residence is designed to support independent, healthy living while also providing accessible care services. Sober group housing eases the transition back into everyday life, gives people the opportunity to learn and use new skills, and live with like-minded people seeking long-term sobriety.

Foster Independence and Build Structure

Structured sober living homes set these individuals up for success by encouraging independence. People living in the residence are able to find jobs, take classes, cook for themselves, complete communal chores, attend AA meetings, and receive counseling. Building a structured routine and fostering personal responsibility is essential in the recovery process. It also gives individuals the chance to put the skills they have learned in rehab into practice.

Stay Accountable

Sober living homes help recovering individuals stay accountable in their sobriety journey. When surrounded by other people who are committed to sobriety, it can help individuals feel more accountable for their own sobriety and increase their desire to stay on track. In addition, some sober living homes have rules in place, such as mandatory AA meetings, counseling, drug testing, and a commitment to work or school, in order to continue in the right direction.

A Safe Space with a Community of Like-Minded People

Substance addictions can be extremely isolating. In group sober living homes, those recovering from addiction are able to come out of isolation, build relationships and friendships, and establish a sober support system that helps them thrive. This safe space of like-minded peers provides individuals with people to lean on during a difficult process. An environment of communal encouragement and support is essential to sober living.

Next Steps

In addition to our other demographics, MS Affordable Homes also provides and operates sober homes for those with drug and alcohol-related addictions. We have many properties that are specifically designed and managed for those with drug or alcohol dependencies. These homes maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment and enforce mandatory AA classes as well as counseling.

Do you know someone who needs an affordable housing plan as they recover from a substance abuse addiction? Click here to contact us now and schedule a free intake appointment at one of our group homes.

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