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Serving Those Who Served: Do You Know a Veteran Who Needs Housing?

Do you know a veteran who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless?

There are thousands of veterans facing homelessness in America. In fact, 1 in 5 homeless individuals are veterans. Veterans experiencing homelessness is an ongoing challenge in the U.S.

Veterans returning from military service should never have to face homelessness or housing insecurity after the sacrifices they have made. Many veterans—especially those with low incomes—struggle to find affordable, stable housing with supportive services available.

From enrolling in health insurance to selecting a new career path, veterans returning from military service face a variety of unique challenges when transitioning back to civilian life. Unfortunately, many do not receive the support needed to navigate this difficult transition and find themselves in hard circumstances. In addition, veterans experiencing economic hardship, disabilities, or mental health issues face increased risks for homelessness.

How can affordable veteran housing with supportive services improve this transition?

Proper Housing

After the great sacrifices they have made, every veteran deserves a bed and a place to call home. That’s why MS Affordable Home provides group housing specifically for veterans. Disabled and non-disabled servicemen alike can share clean, newly-furnished bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms with all household supplies and food included. MS Affordable Home believes the last thing every veteran should have to worry about is having a place to have a meal and lay their head.

Supportive Services

One of the biggest things veterans struggle with when transitioning out of the military is finding affordable healthcare services. Supportive services are essential for returning veterans to recover from their combat experiences. Many veterans face depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse, or physical disabilities upon their return from military service. Veterans with already low-incomes can often not find affordable healthcare services to support their recovery needs.

MS Affordable Home’s residential care homes are specifically designed to provide supportive services for each of its demographics. For veterans, these supportive services include but are not limited to: counseling, physical therapy, mental healthcare services, sober treatment facilities, and more.


Veterans returning from their military service need positive, supportive, and affordable living environments. Veterans recovering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, or addiction need continual care and strong support systems. These individuals especially need the time and space to heal and slowly re-adjust to everyday life. Affordable housing gives veterans the opportunity to slowly transition back into everyday living, including finding a job. Veterans can rest easy and look for work without the added pressure of keeping up with expensive housing.


Veterans experience a very unique set of circumstances. Upon returning home, they may feel isolated and like no one truly understands what they went through. Group housing for veterans creates the opportunity for service members to connect and build long-lasting relationships with fellow military members.

In group homes, veterans are able to come out of isolation, build relationships and friendships, and establish a support system that helps them thrive. This safe space of like-minded peers provides individuals with people to lean on during a difficult process. An environment of communal encouragement and support is essential for returning veterans.

Every veteran deserves stability and a place to call home.

MS Affordable Home has residential care homes, group homes, and transitional living homes for both disabled and non-disabled veterans. We work directly with the Department of Veteran Affairs and all affiliations of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to ensure that our servicemen are provided with quality, safe housing upon their return home.

Do you know a disabled or non-disabled veteran who would benefit from affordable housing with supportive services? Click here to contact us now and schedule a free intake appointment at one of our group homes.

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