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About Us

The MS Affordable Home Program has provided a wide variety of special needs populations with all-inclusive, affordable housing. We are committed to providing our clients with clean, safe, all-inclusive living arrangements that cannot be found elsewhere.

MS Affordable Home’s unique process centers on our core belief that the personal, physical, and spiritual well-being of our clients must come first. We take an interdisciplinary approach to our management as well as a team approach to our service offerings to ensure each individual’s needs are met and that they can thrive in a compassionate, caring environment.

MS Affordable Home clients have access to clean, newly-furnished bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. We always provide a clean, structured living environment that includes necessities like cable, a personal television, a telephone, WiFi, Internet, furniture, linens, a washer & dryer, all household supplies, utility bills paid, and food.

Do you have any questions about the housing amenities provided? Click here to contact us with any of your questions or concerns.

Our Mission

MS Affordable Home believes affordable housing is a vital pathway to increased self-sufficiency and improved quality of living. We personally believe that housing is a universal necessity that can strengthen communities and create positive change for all of humanity.

MS Affordable Home’s philosophy stems from four key components: Respect, Empathy, Self-Learning, and Pride of Ownership. With quality housing and the above key-tenets, we believe that we can create a positive impact and help our clients better their lives. Our mission is simply to improve the lives of people in our community through affordable housing environments.

We aim to help people obtain housing quickly and give them the opportunity to increase their self-sufficiency. Our quality housing offers the right amount of independence while still meeting physical needs. Supportive on-site services allow our tenants to live in dignity and receive the on-site care they need.

Demographics We Serve

MS Affordable Home’s mission is to provide quality, affordable housing to the most vulnerable members of our community. Our affordable housing program aims to bring these members increased independence and quality of living from our services. MS Affordable Home provides quality, affordable housing and compassionate living environments for:

  • Individuals struggling with substance abuse
  • Disabled, non-disabled, or low-income seniors
  • Disabled, non-disabled, or low-income veterans
  • A wide variety of special needs populations, including but not limited to: persons who are blind, deaf, or mute, autistic individuals, or those suffering from brain damage or brain trauma.
  • MHMR with cognitive or behavioral health conditions

Do you want to learn more about our demographics and if you, a loved one, or patient qualify? Click here to contact us with any of your questions or click here to get started on your application today.

Care Services Provided

All of our residential care homes are specifically designed to provide housing and related services for each particular demographic. Because of that, our residents have access to a wide variety of on-site and off-site services provided by outsourced third parties we trust.

MS Affordable Home provides the supportive services our residents need access to in order to heal, live with dignity, become independent, reduce social isolation, and achieve an improved quality of living.

Some of our care services include but are not limited to:

  • Doctor / Nurse home visits
  • Home health services (RN, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy)
  • Hospice
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Case management
  • Social work
  • Behavioral counseling and therapy
  • Medication management
  • And many more services

Do you have any questions about the supportive care services we provide? Click here to contact us with any of your questions or concerns.

Everyone deserves stability and a place to call home

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